Body of a child found in garden after two people charged with neglect

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The body of a child has been found during the search of a garden in Birmingham.

West Midlands Police began a search of the address on Clarence Road, Handsworth last week after receiving information about the possible burial of human remains.

They said the investigation was not connected to the current occupants of the address.

A 40-year-old man and a 41-year-old woman were arrested on Dec 9 on suspicion of causing or allowing the death of a child and a separate case of wilful neglect.

They have been charged with neglect and remanded in custody.

A force spokesman said that a post-mortem examination will be carried out to determine the cause of the child’s death.

“Officers searching the garden of a property in Handsworth have discovered what are believed to be human remains, he said.

“The body is believed to be that of a child; a post-mortem will be carried out in due course to establish the cause of death.

“The investigation into the offence of causing or allowing the death of a child continues.

“The present occupiers of the property in Clarence Road are aware of the search, but are not connected to the investigation.”

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