Boris Becker is deported after being released from prison

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Boris Becker has been deported after serving eight months of his prison sentence.

The three-time Wimbledon champion is now in his home country of Germany after a private jet was chartered by a friend, reports said.

The former world number one turned BBC commentator was jailed for two-and-a-half years in April for hiding £2.5 million of assets and loans to avoid paying debts.

Becker, 55, was declared bankrupt on June 21, 2017 – owing creditors almost £50 million – over an unpaid loan of more than £3 million on his estate in Majorca.

The German, who has lived in the UK since 2012, was expected to serve half of his sentence in prison but was released on Thursday morning and deported.

Becker has “served his sentence and is not subject to any penal restrictions in Germany”, his lawyer, Christian Oliver Moser, said in a statement. 

In May, Becker was said to have been transferred to a lower security jail for foreign criminals awaiting deportation – the category C Huntercombe Prison near Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire – after previously reportedly being held at the category B Wandsworth Prison in south-west London.

The six-time Grand Slam winner qualified for automatic deportation because he is a foreign national without British citizenship and was jailed for over 12 months.

He was found guilty of transferring hundreds of thousands of pounds from his business account to others and failing to declare a property in his home town in Germany.

He was also convicted of hiding an €825,000 (£710,000) bank loan and 75,000 shares in a tech firm.

Judge Deborah Taylor told him he had failed to “heed the warning” of a 2002 suspended sentence in Germany for tax evasion and had “not shown remorse”.


A Home Office spokesman said: “Any foreign national who is convicted of a crime and given a prison sentence is considered for deportation at the earliest opportunity.”

Becker’s former spokesman said last month: “We are pleased for Boris that he may qualify for an early release and be able to travel to Germany, albeit England has been his home for many, many years. I’m sure it will mean a lot to him and his family to be reunited for Christmas.”

Becker spoke candidly about his latest legal case in a recent trailer for an upcoming docuseries about his life on Apple TV+.

Speaking before the sentencing in April, he said: “I’ve hit my [rock] bottom, I don’t know what to make of it.

“I [will] face [my sentence], I’m not going to hide or run away. [I will] accept whatever sentence I’m going to get. It’s Wednesday afternoon and [on] Friday I know the rest of my life.”

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