Couple spend two months building a Lego grotto

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The couple’s love of Lego began when they created sculptures with their children, who are now adults. 

Previous creations have included a 21ft London Bridge and a 12ft replica of Ely cathedral.

They used an estimated 400,000 bricks for this year’s build, both equally working on it and committing between two and four hours each evening for two months to complete it.  

Mr Addis, 64, a retired economics teacher, said the Christmas tree was the hardest. “Imagine trying to create the shape of a tree in square blocks,” he said. 

“In order to stand it upright we had to build it into the wall. The wall itself is quite heavy and is tied to our curtain rail.”

He added: “We enjoy doing it, it’s the satisfaction of completing something so big and technically interesting. It’s better than watching telly.

“It’s quite a social thing and it keeps us warm too. You can’t believe building Lego, which doesn’t involve a lot of movement, would but you could actually switch the heating off. It’s all the getting up and down and fiddling around with the pieces.”

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