Dover doomsday ‘prepper’ hoarded 17 guns and thousands of bullets

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After two days combing the property they charged Buttifint in connection with the illegal guns and bullets on the basis he was planning a shoot-out with officers.

However, the judge at Canterbury Crown Court threw out the police’s allegations and found Buttifint had no plans for a siege.

Instead, the Judge found Buttifint was “something of a prepper” – part of a fringe community preparing for social disorder or natural disaster.

He described Buttifint as “someone who, if push came to shove, would be entirely self-sufficient”.

As well as weapons the police found a Confederate flag and rugs draped in windows, leaving the house in darkness.

Judge Mark Weekes told the court on Wednesday Dec 14 that Buttifint was an avid hunter, who collected weapons to trap and hunt game, but did not pose a public risk.

But he criticised Buttifint for lying about how he came across the sawn-off shotgun found hidden behind his fridge.

He claimed that he had planned to dispose of the firearm for a friend, who he said happened upon it by chance.

But the Judge ruled Buttifint wished to keep the illegal weapon after the authorities discovered his bid to legally hold a similar-sized gun.

Buttifint pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited firearm, possessing a firearm without a certificate and possessing ammunition without a certificate.

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