Strictly Come Dancing star Amy Dowden says trolls call her ‘thunder thighs’

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A Strictly Come Dancing star has spoken of her pain at being called “thunder thighs” by online trolls.

Professional dancer Amy Dowden takes eight steroids a day to treat her Crohn’s disease and this treatment can dramatically affect how she looks.

As well as putting on weight, she said that she can get swollen eyes, mouth ulcers, spots, bloating and a puffy face as a result of her condition and medication.

“When people online say ‘she has thunder thighs’, it hurts,” she told the BBC. “I’ve been dancing since I was eight years old and dance is part of who I am – but so too is Crohn’s, which I’ve had since I was 11.”

Crohn’s is a chronic autoimmune disorder where the body’s immune system attacks part of the digestive system leading to inflammation.

There is no cure but there are various treatments to try and manage the condition, with steroids one such method. However, they come with a host of side effects.

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