UK weather: Temperatures surge as extreme cold snap ends

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“Monday night into Tuesday, for most it’s going to be a lot milder than it has been of late, but we could still see a touch of frost particularly in parts of Scotland,” he said. 

“And then Tuesday, I think it’s going to be a little bit colder again compared to Monday. So the really mild day, Monday, is a flash in the pan if you will.

“I think we’re still looking at highs of 12C perhaps 13C towards the south coast, but away from that as you head to more central parts and further north we’re going to be in mid to high single figures at best, so quite a drop compared to Monday.”

Commenting on the days ahead, he added: “What I’m expecting in the run up to and through Christmas weekend itself is for southern parts to have temperatures near normal, northern parts to be a little bit colder and there will also be some changeable weather coming through so with that you could quiet easily get some wintry weather as we go towards Christmas, mainly towards the north.”

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