Flushing your radiators could see you save up to £700 on energy bills says boiler expert | Personal Finance | Finance

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“Boilers only need to be set to their highest setting during extremely cold temperatures, otherwise, you will be driving up your bills unnecessarily.”

By reducing the temperature of the water that is circulating through the radiators, people could potentially save up to eight percent on energy bills. This means, on the current average UK yearly energy bill capped at £2,500, Britons could save around £200.

Time the heating with a programmer – save eight to 31 percent on gas bills (up to £775 depending on how what programmer is selected)

One of the most effective ways to save on energy bills is also one of the simplest; make sure that the heating is not being used when people are not in the house or when people are asleep, she explained.

This can be done by timing or programming the radiators to turn on and turn off at different times of the day by using a programmable thermostat.

Ms Davies added: “A metre can let you override your normal heating schedule if you are unsure what time you will be returning from work, chores or an event.”

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