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The UK is still in the midst of the cost of living crisis which is being exacerbated by the need to spend more money on energy during the winter months. Since October of this year, energy bills have gone up by 27 percent for households with typical usage. This is even with the Government’s energy price guarantee in place which caps the price per unit of gas and electricity for homes.

In light of this, experts are sharing ways in which households can reduce their overall energy usage and save hundreds of pounds.

According to one energy expert, it is possible to save up to £900 annually by insulating one’s home.

Chris Grant from EPC Choice at Checkatrade shared how insulating a home can lead to sizable savings down the line.

Mr Grant explained: “Retrofitting insulation in your home can save you £900 a year for a detached house, £550 for a semi-detached, or as much as £350 for a terraced house.

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“If you do choose to retrofit further insulation to your home, you also don’t have to spend big on the entire property.

“In most instances individual rooms can be improved, and depending on factors such as wall, doorway, window and ceiling exposure, a different option will be best in each case, for example vaulted ceilings need a different approach to lower ceilings.”

Outside of traditional insulation, the energy expert noted that there are simpler options available for families looking to heatproof their home this winter.

“But don’t forget those little things such as fitting draught-proofing to windows and doors, filling gaps between draughty floorboards or blocking an unused chimney flue.”


“But don’t forget those little things such as fitting draught proofing to windows and doors, filling gaps between draughty floorboards or blocking an unused chimney flue.”

Draught-proofing doors and windows can save the average household £45 a year according to Checkatrade.

Households can accomplish this by using rugs, draught excluders or thicker curtains to stop heat from escaping under doors and between floorboards.

As well as this, families can bleed their radiator if it is making a clicking sound or taking a long time to heat up.

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This may be because it needs bleeding which removes excess air and distributes heat evenly to prevent energy wastage.

Families can also increase the jacket thickness on their hot water cylinder and can reportedly save a home around £35 a year.

By doing this, households will be able to keep their hot water at-temperature for longer, without having to raise their energy usage.

Smaller things people can do include placing insulation foil behind radiators which can redirect heat inside the home and prevent any from going through outside walls.

In the kitchen, it is also possible for people to leave their oven door open after cooking to keep the room warm as this heat has already been paid for.

Notably, frozen pipes are a major issue to contend with in freezing temperatures which could lead to people being without energy if they burst.

Pipe insulation can prevent this from happening and reduce energy bills in the long run, according to experts at Checkatrade.

Households are also recommended to use smart thermostats which can save families up to 30 percent on their gas and electricity costs by informing them of their energy usage.

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