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For those who live with someone who is blind and already has a TV licence, they’ll have to transfer the licence into the name of the person who is blind, in order to claim.

According to the website, people can do this by making a first-time blind application by entering the existing TV Licence number for the address into the form. Those who are partially sight impaired will not qualify for the 50 percent blind concession.

Who is entitled to a free TV licence?

People can get a free TV Licence if they, as the licence holder, are 75 years or older and they, or their partner living at the same address, receive Pension Credit.

Pension Credit is a benefit that tops up the state pension for people on a low income, however, it currently has the lowest take-up of all income-related benefits, according to the charity Independent Age.

So, it could be a good time for people to check if they’re eligible for this, as it can also help people claim housing benefit, heating bills, council tax, NHS dental care, and more.

People who are 75 or over and live in a residential care home may be covered by an ARC (Accommodation for Residential Care) TV Licence and also won’t have to pay for a licence – even if they don’t receive Pension Credit. TV Licencing advises people to speak to their care home administrator to find out.

When do people need a TV licence?

Households must purchase a TV licence if they want to watch or record TV programmes live as they’re being broadcast. This includes all programmes on any channel, and the same rules apply to those who watch live TV from a laptop, PC, tablet, or phone.

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