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The average household can expect to pay £2,500 a year for its energy after the Government’s cap on unit prices, and potentially far more, depending on the size of its home and usage. Many people may struggle to cover basic costs such as food and heating over the coming months.

To help tenants improve the energy efficiency of their homes, Sonnaz Nooranvary has created eight top tips for simple and quick ways to help households warmer this winter.

She said: “One of the simplest ways tenants can save energy is to fit correctly adjusted thermal curtains which can cut heat loss by up to 10 percent.

“Other simple and effective ways to save energy are draught-proofing around windows and doors which could save around £60 a year on energy bills and draught-proofing open chimneys when not in use which could save around £90 a year.”

Better fitted curtains
She explained that installing window curtains is a “simple way to save”, but they must be fitted correctly.

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Adjusting curtains to the correct length and avoiding covering radiators is key.

Interlining the curtains
If people don’t have interlined curtains and they are lined, they may be able to add a layer of interlining themselves to existing curtains in between the lining and the front fabric.

Fit blinds beyond the recess
Ms Nooranvary said: “Fit Roman blinds to the face of the wall overhanging and covering the window opening instead of fitting into the recess.

“Any cold air coming in from the window could be stopped from the overhang of the blind. Opt for a thermal interlined blind if you can.”


Cosy up with cushions and covers made from natural fabrics.
Adding cushions to sofas and chairs can provide some additional warmth.

People can opt for a natural fabric like wool – not only do they look attractive, they are warmer to the touch and so warm quickly, she concluded.

Ofgem has just announced that the price cap will rise by 20 percent from January 1.

In April 2023, the energy price guarantee is set to rise to an average of £3,000 a year, an increase of £500 from the current rate.

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