Debt warning as hard-up Britons face going into the red in the new year | Personal Finance | Finance

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There was a divide about what concerns people most about their debts, with almost half of correspondents saying the cost of living was their biggest concern while 41 percent said energy bills are their biggest worry.

Energy bills increased from October this year, with bills rising to an average £2,500 a year, even with the introduction of the Energy Price Guarantee capping the unit price of energy.

The guarantee is to go up from April next year, with average bills to increase to £3,000 a year.

Ms Horne spoke about the ways people can recover from their debt, and said: “There are many tried and tested ways to get your finances back on track, including prioritising or consolidating any outstanding debts, as well as speaking to your lenders to discuss your specific finances and realistic repayment options.

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