Energy saving tips: Five ‘easy’ jobs to improve home efficiency and reduce bills | Personal Finance | Finance

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Mr Snowden said: “It feels like a tiresome task to change all lightbulbs in the house but the benefits are worth it.”

Get a smart meter installed

Getting a smart meter installed is a really great way to keep track of energy usage and gain a better understanding of what costs the most to power.

Mr Snowden said: “Energy providers install these for free, it’s just a case of booking a slot. That way you can start to build a picture of how much it costs to use each appliance and the most expensive time of the day to use it.”

Bleed the radiators

Ensuring the home heating system is working at an optimal level is key to energy efficiency, and bleeding radiators can improve this.

Mr Snowden continued: “If your radiators are gurgling or have cold spots, that can be a sign that they need bleeding. This can be done fairly easily but if you’d prefer to have an expert do it, it’s worth recruiting someone to help you out and ensure it’s done properly.”

Removing any furniture in front of the radiators will also help to ensure no heat is wasted.

Experts at Utility Bidder said: “Make sure there are no items of furniture, such as a sofa, in front of the radiator, as this will soak up the majority of the heat. Instead, leave the radiators exposed in order for them to heat the whole room.”

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