‘Fixer firms’ charge thousands of pounds to write polished honours applications

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Honours committee officials have warned against the growing use of “fixer firms” who charge thousands of pounds to write polished applications on behalf of nominees.

Firms charge thousands of pounds to write polished nominations for honours, promising to “significantly increase” an individual’s chance of being recognised.

But the honours committees have now advised against their use, warning they are obvious to spot and suffer from a lack of passion.

Sir Hugh Robertson, the chairman of the sports honours committee, said that “it’s pretty easy to spot the professionally produced ones” after reading a few applications.

“If it’s been written by a group of volunteers in a community somewhere, you know it’s people who’ve got together because they really want to do something.”

One firm, Awards Intelligence, claims a success rate is over 65 per cent in achieving New Year and Birthday Honours, compared with an estimated average success rate of 10 per cent.

The firms say they work to ensure nominations are as compelling as possible. 

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