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More than eight million Britons on benefits are due financial help worth up to £900 in 2023 to help them through the cost of living crisis. Meanwhile, people could also be eligible for a further £150 disability payment and an additional £300 if they qualify for the state pension – adding up to a total of £1,350 for pensioners on a low income with a disability.

Record high inflation and soaring food and energy prices look set to continue into 2023 as it looks likely to be another difficult year for people’s finances.

To help people meet this rising cost of living, the Government has announced there will be further payments made during the year from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and HMRC.

Some eight million households who depend on means-tested benefits will receive £900, six million households who rely on disability benefits will get £150 and eight million households receiving pensions will get £300.

However, details of exactly when people can expect these payments have still not been confirmed.

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An additional £300 cost of living payment will be paid to more than eight million elderly households in the UK.

Some six million people who depend on disability benefits will receive a further £150 disability cost of living payment in 2023.

If pensioners receive means-tested benefits and disability payments they could get up to £1,350 during the course of 2023. 

All benefit payments will also rise in line with September’s inflation figure of 10.1 percent in April. 

State pension payment rates will also rise in April. The new rates:

  • Full new state pension: £203.85 (from £185.15)
  • Basic state pension (Category A or B): £156.20 (from £141.85)

Universal Credit claimants could also be eligible for 23 additional freebies in 2023 to help ease the cost of living including help with council tax, energy bills and NHS prescription costs.

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