Thor the walrus arrives in Scarborough for a rest as ‘tusk force’ keeps him safe

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Walruses can spend up to several days resting in a single location, so volunteers from the nearby Sea Life Centre are monitoring Thor and will prevent people accessing the slipway near to where he is resting.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue has also warned onlookers to keep their distance from the walrus – thought to be the first ever of the species to have been recorded in Yorkshire – and not to disturb him. Dogs in particular should be allowed nowhere near the animal.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “We’re not sure how long he’ll stay, we’re not going to interfere in anyway, and we’ll continue to monitor him until he swims off.

“We’re planning on having marine mammal medics on scene all the time to protect him.

“The area has also been cordoned off and we’re hoping to keep it nice and calm and quiet for him to get the rest he needs for his long journey back. Hopefully he’ll continue his journey up north, as he was recently seen in France, and before that, Southampton, and he should be on his way back to the Arctic.”

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