Rare walrus visit forces Scarborough Council to cancel fireworks display

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“We welcome the decision to call off the fireworks but understand that some people will be disappointed the display isn’t going ahead,” he said. “It is extremely rare that an Arctic walrus should come ashore on the Yorkshire coast.”

The creature needs time to rest and recuperate before he continues on his journey. He was photographed by several people at Scarborough Harbour on December 30.

It’s believed that the young walrus could have come from as far as Canada, and he is likely to be “wandering” before making his way back to the Arctic.

Thor, an adolescent male, was also spotted in Holland and France. Walruses are extremely rare in the UK, though two others – Wally and Freya – have been recorded off British shores in the last two years.

It is feared that the bizarre appearances may have resulted from climate change. All three of the animals have attracted considerable attention from crowds, with many people travelling to the coast just to catch a glimpse.

Wildlife charities have warned visitors to keep their distance from Thor, avoid approaching him and to keep dogs well away.

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