The temperature to set boiler at to stop pipes from freezing and costing you £20,000 | Personal Finance | Finance

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He continued: “As the weather turns frosty there is a chance the water in your boiler system could freeze if it’s not being used at all.

“A frozen pipe could cause a lot of damage to your heating system, resulting in a hefty bill upward of £300 to repair it. It’s generally advised to keep the thermostat set to a minimum of at least 10°C to avoid the risk of your pipes freezing.”

“Having an A-rated condensing boiler will be cheaper to run than an older non-condensing boiler, for example.

“Upgrading your boiler might seem like a big investment on the offset, but it could mean you save the difference in costly energy bills, with research showing you could save up to £840 a year on energy bills simply by upgrading to a more efficient boiler.”


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