Cost of living: Thousands to receive over £300 to help with bills in January 2023 | Personal Finance | Finance

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He noted that those who are contacted will not be asked for their bank details, and warns recipients to “be vigilant” for fraudsters claiming to be representing the council and looking to take advantage of the challenging circumstances people are facing.

Mr Chance also urged anyone who is eligible and gets a letter to make sure they redeem their voucher by February 15, as this is when the scheme closes.

He said: “Nobody will know when you use your voucher in the supermarket that you’ve had a Household Support Fund payment, it will look like any other voucher.

“If you do not qualify for the latest round of the Household Support Fund, but are struggling to pay for food, energy, or other essentials, there is other help available. You can find details on our Household Support Fund and cost of living support pages.”

According to the North Yorkshire County Council statement, the vouchers can be used at a variety of supermarkets, with some offering an online shopping option.

The e-voucher can be used directly from a smartphone or printed off to use as a paper voucher. If people choose to print them out, the council asks those to look after them carefully and make sure the bar code can be read.

People can find out if and what their local councils are offering through the Household Support Fund by visiting the respective local websites. Each council will have its own eligibility criteria.

To name a few, councils such as Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council have said from mid-January, eligible households in their constituency will receive a voucher, exchangeable for money, to be used to help pay energy costs.

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