Martin Lewis urges energy customers to act as ‘crucial’ prepayment meter deadline looms | Personal Finance | Finance

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As part of the Government’s support plan to help Britons with spiralling living costs, it launched a £400 energy bill discount scheme in October 2022, to be paid in six instalments, to help soften the blow for millions of households. However, some customers on traditional prepayment meters are yet to receive their discount vouchers, and finance journalist Martin Lewis stressed the importance of taking action on the ITV show This Morning.

The energy discount is being distributed to domestic customers in ways dependent on the way they pay their bills. While some have the discount applied directly to the bill, others are to receive the support through redeemable vouchers issued via text, email or post.

The redeemable vouchers are for those who pay for their energy through a traditional prepayment meter. But, with expiry dates looming, Mr Lewis is urging those who haven’t received their first discount to act sooner rather than later.

Responding to a caller who had contacted the show because they, like many others, are still yet to receive the voucher, Mr Lewis said: “We have a problem with those people who are on traditional prepayment meters – that means non-smart prepayment meters where you have to top up. There’s still a good chunk of them who have not got their vouchers.”

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“If you can, go online and check they have the right post or email or phone number for you. Because that can be a problem – not the main problem, just the first thing that you should do to sort it out.”

If not, Mr Lewis suggested getting in contact with the service provider but to time it wisely.

He said: “My advice on getting in contact with energy firms if you’re having problems is to call later on in the afternoon. Mornings tend to be the busiest times, don’t bother calling in the morning. You’ll be on hold much longer.

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He continued: “We should be able to sort this one out. The energy firms all tell me that they’re trying, and the postal delays for those who have had vouchers posted have been a problem for some as well.

“I have spoken to Grant Shapps [the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy] about it and I know the Government is looking to put pressure on energy firms to deliver this.

“I’ve been talking to energy firms as well. But it isn’t good enough and it hasn’t worked well enough.”

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