Evri customers going to depots to find parcels as customers still waiting for Christmas deliveries

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Evri has apologised to customers across the UK who are still waiting for delayed Christmas deliveries. The firm said staff shortages, Royal Mail strikes and bad weather have contributed to the problems and it is working to sort them out.

The company, formerly known as Hermes, was recently branded the worst-performing parcel firm for the second year running, according to Citizens Advice.

More than two weeks after the last day of Royal Mail strike action, some Evri customers are still waiting for Christmas presents to arrive and have been going to warehouses themselves.

Throughout December and January, furious customers have been sharing details and asking for directions to depots on social media groups set up to discuss complaints about Evri.

One customer said last month that after going to a depot they found one missing parcel but two were lost and they found a “huge backlog” at the warehouse.

Parcels found ‘laying on the floor outside’ warehouse

Another customer from Cornwall said they “went in search for my parcel today at a local depot…only to find over 100 parcels laying on the floor outside”. “I was so disgusted with the way people’s parcels were being thrown on the floor like rubbish,” she added. “My parcel wasn’t there”.

Another turned up at a Manchester depot to find stacks of parcels outside they said were “pissed wet through” adding that they “seemed to have lost one of mine”.

Other customers have gone further in a bid to speak to customer service including Bex Louise, from Llanelli, who said she had “applied for a job with Evri because there’s no way to contact them” over six delays parcels adding: “Waiting for a call back from the courier manager. Oh such is life!”

In Milton Keynes, Sania Shah, 27, struggled to get hold of Evri after two customers demanded refunds for items that hadn’t arrived, leaving her £200 out of pocket. After calling and emailing Evri daily for a month to track down the missing parcels, she used the live chat to say that a courier had set her home alight and attached photos she found online of a house on fire.

The following day she received a call from the company and explained she had needed to take “extreme measures” to get hold of someone. The staff member helped her submit a refund so she would not be left out of pocket.

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