‘Psychopath with a conscience’ sentenced to 49 years for murdering two women

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A killer who described himself as a “psychopath with a conscience” was condemned by a judge after he failed to turn up to court.

Mark Brown, 41, had not attended court because his conscience “is untroubled by what he has done”, Justice Nicholas Hilliard said as he sentenced Mr Brown in his absence on Friday after he refused to attend Hove Crown Court.

He was sentenced for 49 years for the murders of Leah Ware, 33, and Alexandra Morgan, 34, six months apart in 2021. He killed both women at a remote farm near St Leonards in East Sussex in May and November 2021 after meeting them through a sex work website.

The builder had previously described himself as a “psychopath with a conscience”. He put Ms Morgan head first into a homemade incinerator before dumping her remains, while the body of Ms Ware has never been found, although prosecutors believe he used a similar method to dispose of her body.

The judge said that Leah Ware had been “particularly vulnerable” and that she had had a number of issues in her personal life before she took up with Brown, which he knew. The judge said this made the offence more serious “because it represents betrayal of the trust and security which she should expect between people in intimate relationships”.

“In the period leading up to the murder, Brown used Leah to satisfy his own sexual desires. I can’t say how the defendant murdered Leah Ware – part of the purpose of obliterating her remains was to hide how she came about her death.”

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