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The millionairre continued: “‘I’ve grown brands online for over 10 years now. Using my experience, I’ve come up with a five-step method which will help any remote worker with growing their client base and grabbing the attention of a remote employer.

  1. “Research the brand you want to work for. Identify areas they could be doing better in, or sectors you believe you could add your expertise to.

  2. “Identify a free asset you can send to this brand. For example, if you are a photographer pitching an e-commerce company, you may want to prepare a selection of high-quality photos which are free for them to use.

  3. “Establish ways you can make the asset better than what the brand already has. The photographer could figure out new ways to sell the brands’ products by providing improved lifestyle, detail or packaging shots, for example.

  4. “Create the asset, keeping the brand in mind. In other words, if you are taking photos, ensure the themes and brand colours align with existing materials.

  5. “Send the brand your assets with a polite message offering them and your ongoing service at a competitive rate. Provide some for free, and provide limited access to the rest. For example, the photographer might send five images and watermark the other 20.


“The idea behind this process is to give the business owner a taste of what you can do without having to be told or given instructions. This tells the business owner straight away that you can be trusted to make good content and to work hard.”

“This concept works for all kinds of business. The key is that you’re making a sacrifice in the early days and essentially working for nothing. This will be worthwhile in the long run as you are establishing trust and credibility, along with demonstrating you can do the job with minimal guidance.

“If you are still thinking about who to pitch or the kind of work you want to do remotely, there are three questions you can ask yourself regardless of your skillset or experience.


  1. Who would be my ideal client or employer?

  2. What can I offer them for free to grab their attention?

  3. What is my offer to them going to be once I have their attention?


“When you have the answer to these three questions, get to work!

“Try to steer away from ‘salesy’ emails and pitches. Get straight to the point and have the attention-grabbing free content attached in the first email. 

 “This technique has worked for me on both sides – in the past, I would do it myself, and I have also hired remote workers who used this method. At Snuggy we have staff and ongoing working relationships with around 15 people. Only six of us are actually working in-house; the rest are external and work remotely. It works great for us.

 “We are definitely planning on taking on more remote workers in the next 12 months. We are predicting our workforce to rise by 10 people in 2023 and six or seven of them will be remote workers.”

A spokesperson for Digital Adoption said: “Jack has shared an incredibly useful process that anyone can use to get started, or build on, their remote working setup. By demonstrating a good work ethic, showing off your skills and helping brands out by providing them with high-quality materials free of charge, you’re ensuring you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of landing that remote job contract.”

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